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Anti-Aging and Lip Plumping? Fillers Can be the Best of Both Worlds!

Confident, defined contours of a youthful face come as a result of fat deposits and musculature in the cheeks, temples, jawline, and lips.

Unfortunately, as we age, these fat deposits naturally shift and diminish.

Once these fat deposits are gone, our faces lose volume and their characteristic lines, meaning we lose the animated features of our younger face. We are often left with sunken cheeks, sallow temples, and flat, poorly defined lips.

Specially designed injectables known as dermal fillers offer realistic solutions to many of these issues. 

By adding volume to the problem areas, particularly the cheeks, temples, and lips, dermal fillers revitalize the face and offer incredible anti-aging and lip plumping solutions.

Here, the facial plastic surgeons at Faces PLLC, who specialize in the care of the face and neck, share how dermal fillers are great for both anti-aging and lip plumping.

Anti-Aging Dermal Fillers

As previously mentioned, time takes its toll on the face by breaking down deposits of fatty adipose tissue that attach to the face’s musculature.

This fatty tissue is soft and malleable, and as such, dermal fillers that aim to solve volume-loss in these areas must have similar qualities.

Dermal fillers are also designed to be broken down by the body’s metabolism. The body will naturally dissolve these fillers within 6 to 18 months of injection. This allows an injector to tweak their treatment plan to better meet a patient’s specifications in achieving the look they are seeking.

With this in mind, some patients prefer to choose more permanent anti-aging solutions, such as cheek implants or chin implants, to provide permanent youthful definition to their faces.

While volume-loss is a primary aging concern for many patients, wrinkles forming on the forehead and around the eyes are also common issues. In these instances, dermal fillers can be complemented by neuromodulators such as BOTOX® or Dysport®, which neutralize the muscles responsible for causing wrinkling to occur.


Lip fillers require significant amounts of volume to provide the visual effect that most patients desire.

This is achieved by leveraging the water-retention properties of hyaluronic acid (HA). This compound occurs naturally in the human body and can retain up to 1,000 times its weight in water.

Like dermal fillers for the cheeks, lip-plumping fillers break down over time. Patients need to be careful not to use too much filler at a single time to prevent stretching the skin of their lips.

If you are concerned about the natural deterioration of facial contours, or if you would prefer to have voluptuous lips, then dermal fillers may just be the best way for you to achieve that desired look.

Get Expert Advice

Before committing to any procedure, we suggest you consult with several expert injectors to find one who suits your personality and who you are confident can help you achieve the results you desire. The expert team at Faces PLLC specializes in treating the face and would love to discuss your anti-aging and lip-plumping options with you.

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