Chin Implants

Mentoplasty | Chin Surgery near Jackson MS

Mentoplasty is surgery to change the shape of the chin. As discussed earlier, the contours of the face should compliment each other. Refinement in one area may require changes in another to achieve the desired result of a harmonious facial architecture. Thus the chin and the nose and the chin and the neck influence each other considerably. A receding chin will cause the neck to look fat and saggy, and a long nose to look longer. These relationships, if they exist, will be pointed out during the consultation with the use of the computer imager.

The most common situation is that of the receding chin, but too prominent of a chin can also exist. An examination of the teeth and “bite” is necessary to determine if more than just a chin deformity exists. Sometimes the jaw will need to be adjusted to align the teeth as well as the chin. Usually, however, an implant can easily be placed along the front of the chin to increase the projection.

Mentoplasty Procedure

The operation is usually performed under “Twilight Anesthesia”  and the patient can go home afterwards. The incision is made in the normal chin crease and is almost imperceptible once healing takes place. The operation usually adds only 15 to 20 minutes to any other procedure being performed.  A dressing is applied for gentle pressure on the chin. The patient is seen the next morning in the office.

What Kind of Implant is Used?

The most current implant used is a medical grade mesh material called Mersilene. This material has been used extensively over many years and has been found to be safe and satisfactory. After four to six weeks the implant is incorporated into the tissue around the chin and feels like a part of the jaw.

How Much Does a Chin Implant Cost in Jackson, MS?

A chin implant in the Jackson, Ridgeland, and Madison, Mississippi, area will range from $5,000 to $5,500, including the OR fee. Chin implants can be safely performed at our clinic in Ridgeland.

Possible Complications

Rejection of the implant is very uncommon, as is infection. The implant can shift if bumped in the early post-operative period. Should this happen a second operation to reposition the implant may be required.

Mentoplasty Recovery

Healing is usually complete in one week.  Mild pain usually only lasts one to two days, and bruising and swelling is minimal in most cases. Most people can return to work after two to three days.

Dr. J. Randall Jordan, performs Mentoplasty procedures for the residents of Jackson and surrounding communities in Mississippi. If you have any questions or would like to know more about the Mentoplasty surgery experience at Faces, call today or send us a message online to schedule a consultation.