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Eyelid Surgery

Blepharoplasty | Eyelid Surgery near Jackson, MS

Have you ever thought about the role your eyes play when you interact with other people? When someone looks you directly in the eyes, it makes you feel noticed and understood. Relationships often start with the locking of eyes, and we begin our first years of life communicating extensively with our gaze. Eyes are so important in the way we interact with each other, we often hear the eyes called the “windows to the soul.”

Your eyelids frame your eyes, and sagging skin from the normal aging process may cause your eyes to look “tired.” Facial plastic surgeons use a surgical technique, called blepharoplasty, to help refresh the way your eyelids look and highlight the natural contour of your eyes. This type of surgery is safe, effective, and can dramatically improve your appearance.

Eyelid surgery can embolden you to make eye contact more often and live life more confidently. Regardless of your reasons for seeking blepharoplasty, our expert team at Faces in Ridgeland, MS, is dedicated to helping you achieve your cosmetic goals.

What Is Eyelid Surgery and What are the Benefits?

Eyelid surgery (also known as blepharoplasty or eye lift) is a procedure that can trim excess or sagging eyelid skin, and eliminate puffy under eye bags. It is often performed purely for cosmetic purposes; in some cases, it’s performed to help restore vision that has been obstructed due to excessively sagging eyelid skin. In many cases, the surgeon may also recommend a browlift as the eyebrow position can play a major role in upper eyelid sagging skin.

Eyelid surgery is more typically performed on patients who are 35 and older who have noticed the effects of waning collagen production, gravity, and age. For many people, sagging eyelid skin and the development of under eye bags are some of the first major signs of age. These age-related changes can make you look tired and years older than you are, even if you feel great.

Eyelid surgery can be performed on the upper eyelid or lower eyelid alone, but both regions are usually addressed at the same time. We often add eyelid surgery to a larger facial rejuvenation plan. Many of our patients choose to have an eye lift in conjunction with a facelift or forehead lift. Dermal fillers and laser skincare treatments can also be added to an eyelid surgery treatment plan to help maximize the results.

Blepharoplasty offers the following benefits:

  • Produces refreshed-looking eyelids
  • Eliminates excess eyelid skin and under eye bags
  • Creates a well-defined eyelid contour

If you follow your plastic surgeon’s post-op instructions, you can expect to enjoy your results for many years before any touch-up procedures are needed. You can also extend your results by following a sensible skincare routine and protecting your skin from excessive sun exposure.

It should be noted that eyelid surgery is not typically used to improve the appearance of circles around the eyes, crow’s feet, or deep wrinkles, but some patients may notice tighter areas of skin around the eyes and some improvement to these signs of aging.

Frequently Asked Questions About Blepharoplasty

We typically use what’s called “twilight anesthesia” during the eye lift procedure. This means you’ll be conscious, but your mind and body will feel tranquil, and you shouldn’t experience anxiety about the surgery. In some cases, we may recommend using general anesthesia, under which you will be unconscious. In either case, you will need to have someone transport you home after your eyelid surgery.

Upper eyelid surgery begins by making incisions along the crease of the upper eyelids. After the incisions are made, excess skin and collections of excess fat are removed. During lower eyelid surgery, the surgeon will make incisions along the creases below the eyelashes. In some cases where fat collections are more of a problem than excessive skin, incisions on the outside of the eyelid aren’t necessary, as the surgeon can remove fat from behind the lower eyelid.

If incisions are made, we use dissolving sutures or sutures under the skin to control bleeding and scarring.

The downtime immediately after eyelid surgery is relatively minimal for a cosmetic surgery procedure. If you had incisions made in your upper and lower eyelids, the sutures used will dissolve or be removed after about a week. As with any surgery, you’ll experience some swelling, and you may see some bruising around your eyes initially, but your eyes will look normal within 10-14 days. Most people return to work after about ten days.

To control swelling, you should use ice packs for the first few days following surgery. You should also avoid vigorous activity and driving if you experience any problems with your vision, which may be slightly blurry for a few days. Your facial plastic surgeon will recommend a cleaning regimen to keep your incisions healing safely.

The cost of blepharoplasty can vary greatly depending on any additional treatments you desire, the type of anesthesia, associated facility costs, and any prescribed medications. Excluding those expenses, the average surgical cost for eyelid surgery is about $3,000. In general, total expenses may be as much as $5,000. Health insurance typically does not cover eyelid surgery unless it’s prescribed to correct a medical issue affecting vision.

When you schedule a consultation at our facial plastic surgery practice, Dr. Jordan and the team at Faces prioritize your comfort and safety. We want to help you make the best decision to achieve the look you’ve always wanted. Sometimes that might mean recommending a less invasive cosmetic treatment or a combination of surgical procedures.

Do you have questions about how eyelid surgery works or how it fits into your facial rejuvenation plan? Facial plastic surgeon Dr. J Randall Jordan invites you to schedule a consultation by calling (601) 607-3033. You are also welcome to send us a message using our website.

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