Cheek Implants

Malarplasty | Cheek Implants near Jackson, MS

High, prominent cheekbones are a well recognized symbol of beauty in our society. Conversely, one of the features of facial aging is the drift of the cheek mound in a downward direction and a sagging hollowness of the cheeks.

As previously mentioned, differences in the size of the cheekbones, or asymmetry, may be a congenital or traumatic deformity.  All of these situations can potentially be improved by cheek implants. During consultation these areas will be assessed in relation to the overall facial architecture.

What does Cheek Implant Surgery Involve?

Cheek implant surgery starts with an initial consultation with your surgeon. During this consultation, you will discuss and clarify what you hope to get out of the procedure, and the realistic results that you can expect.

Malarplasty is often performed in conjunction with other procedures, such as a facelift,  in order to achieve an improved overall result. Either general anesthesia or a “Twilight Sleep” can be used. The incisions are made inside the mouth, just under the upper lip. Implants of the proper size and shape for the individual are then inserted and positioned. The entire operation takes approximately 30 minutes.

What can I Expect During Recovery from Cheek Implant Surgery?

Patients return home after the surgery and will be seen the next morning in the office. There is typically not much discomfort with this procedure. Patients will experience mild to moderate swelling for the first several days, but can usually return to work in one week. Patients can bathe or shower normally the next day. No strenuous activity for the first week.

Full recovery from cheek implant surgery can be a sensitive time, so plenty of rest and relaxation should be a priority. Consuming foods for the first few days may be uncomfortable. A semi-liquid or soft diet may help.

Displacement of the implant by a blow to the cheek area is possible for several weeks and must be avoided.

Will I have scarring from Cheek Implant Surgery?

All incisions create scars, but because the incisions are made inside the mouth, just under the upper lip there is no visible scarring from cheek implant surgery.

How Long Do Results from Cheek Implant Surgery Last?

Cheek implants are designed to last a lifetime if suitably placed. There are other options available to patients who wish to enhance their cheeks without undergoing surgery, such as dermal fillers.

Dermal fillers are less invasive than cheek surgery and can provide stunning results. They do, however, require more maintenance, with regular visits to your facial plastic surgeon (perhaps twice a year) to maintain optimal results.

What Risks are Associated with Cheek Implant Surgery?

When performed by a board certified facial plastic surgeon, cheek implants carry minimal risks. The implant we use at Faces is a medical grade synthetic polymer such as silastic or Medpore®. This material has a long and excellent safety record, therefore rejection of the implant is extremely rare, as is infection.

How Much Does Cheek Implant Surgery Cost in Jackson, MS?

Cheek implants in the Jackson, Ridgeland, and Madison, Mississippi, areas will range from $5,200 to $5,400, including the OR fee. Cheek implants can be safely performed at our clinic in Ridgeland.

Dr. J. Randall Jordan, performs Malarplasty procedures for the residents of Jackson and surrounding communities in Mississippi. If you have any questions or would like to know more about the Malarplasty surgery experience at Faces, call today or send us a message to schedule a consultation.