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Procedures You Can Combine with a Facelift

Our face is the first impression other people have of us. From our emotions to our lifestyle, our face shows a lot about our story and who we are as individuals. Because the face is exposed to the world, it is also the part of the body that most clearly shows signs of aging.

Signs of facial aging most commonly include the gradual appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes, nose, and lips. Loose skin begins to form jowls under our chin, and our face slowly loses its contours and defining lines. 

Traditionally, a tried-and-tested procedure for addressing facial aging such as this has been the facelift

The facelift is an incredibly useful procedure for restoring sagging skin and soft tissue to it’s more youthful position in the face’s mid-to-lower section. Still, many patients find the best results when pairing a facelift with one or several other procedures.

Below are some procedures that are most commonly combined to enhance facelift results.

Eyelid Lift

Just like the skin on the rest of the face, upper and lower eyelid skin loses elasticity over time. This lax skin leads to fat protruding under the eyes, resulting in bags and puffy looking eyes. A facelift does not treat the area around the eyes, but an eyelid procedure may be done at the same time as a facelift to offer additional improvement. 

Eyelid surgery is among the top 5 most popular cosmetic surgeries in the U.S., with over 200,000 people getting the procedure each year. Eyelid surgery can remove both the excess skin on the upper or lower lids and also treat the protruding fat under the lower lids.

Eyelid surgery, when done in conjunction with a facelift, delivers a more fully revitalized and restored look.

Skin laxity and wrinkles are not the only signs of aging. The gradual disappearance of fatty deposits in the face results in sunken facial features. Procedures that restore facial volume are ideal to combine with a facelift. 

Cheek/Chin Augmentation

Cheek and chin implants offer patients a long-term solution to facial volume loss. By carefully inserting small implants into the cheeks or on the chin, patients can enjoy a permanent improvement to essential facial contours. 

Some patients who have reduced facial volume don’t necessarily want implants introduced. In these cases, dermal fillers offer fantastic volumizing properties, with little-to-no downtime. 

Dermal Fillers

Continually growing in popularity, hundreds of thousands of people are turning to dermal fillers every year. With only several small injections, dermal fillers significantly improve the results from facelift surgery by adding volume and contour to the lips, cheeks, temples, nose, and other areas of the face, without the need for invasive surgery.  Fat transfer from the abdomen is also a procedure that may be recommended along with facelifting in some patients. Fat is removed from the belly using liposuction and then injected into the areas of the face that have lost fat. Once the fat grafts have “taken” the result is permanent. There is some variation in the take of fat, so this may need to be repeated. 

Deciding to get a facelift in Jackson, MS, is an empowering step towards taking your appearance and confidence into your own hands. The expert team at Faces, PLLC are industry-leading experts in facial anti-aging procedures and look forward to guiding you towards achieving your aesthetic goals.  

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