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Tips to Improve Blepharoplasty Results

We’ve all heard the expression that your eyes are the windows to your soul. Unfortunately, if your windows look old and tattered, so does your soul. 

Fortunately, blepharoplasty surgery offers a long-lasting solution to aged eyes. Ranking amongst the top five most popular plastic surgery procedures  in the U.S., over 205,000 blepharoplasties are performed each year. 

While in the middle of the Coronavirus Pandemic and face mask mandates, where sometimes the only thing we can see are each other’s eyes, it’s no surprise that eyelid surgery is rapidly growing in popularity. A highly convenient and effective procedure, it doesn’t stop at freshening up your eyes, though – it also clears your peripheral vision, and reduces the appearance of under-eye bags. 

Many patients want to know how to get the best results from their blepharoplasty surgeries. There are several things patients can do pre-and post-op to make their eyes look their best.

1) Proper preparation

In the weeks leading up to your surgery, you should live like a healthy saint. No smoking, less drinking and late nights, plenty of sleep, and healthy nutrition. 

This prepares your body to heal the incisions made during eyelid surgery more rapidly, which will reduce the risk of scarring and enhance your recovery process. You want your body working at its best to heal optimally and give you stunning results.

2) Avoid physical exertion

After the surgery, your body will need to allocate resources to the healing process. This is best achieved with sleep, rest, and relaxation. 

If you are using your energy to do strenuous exercise, your eyes won’t heal as fast or as effectively. You also run the risk of pulling apart your incisions and damaging the delicate, healing tissue. We suggest that you take it easy for 7-9 days following your procedure to get the best results possible.

3) Avoid direct sunlight

Sunlight is damaging to the skin, particularly vulnerable skin tissue that is healing. 

By avoiding sunlight, ideally by remaining indoors, or making sure to wear sunglasses and a hat when you do venture outside, you keep the sun off your healing eyes, reduce recovery time, and eliminate the possibility of scarring.

4) Keep your eyes clean – no cosmetics

While the micro-incisions heal, nothing other than doctor-recommended cleaning products and water should come even close to your eyelids. During the first 2-3 days after your surgery, you should also keep your eyelids relatively dry, so take caution while showering. 

Foundation, mascara, and even sunscreen will inhibit the healing process and prevent you from getting the best results out of your blepharoplasty surgery. Put the makeup bag away for at least a week after your surgery. After a week, you may begin applying makeup to the rest of your face, avoiding eye makeup for 2-3 weeks to ensure proper healing.

5) Use cold-presses and eye drops

Your surgeon may supply you with eye drops and cold compresses to use during healing. These will keep your eyes clean, disinfected, and reduce swelling. Following your surgeons instructions and using the recommended products ensures rapid healing and minimizes the risk of complications during the process.

Eyelid surgery has one of the highest satisfaction rates of all the cosmetic procedures. An easy and fast procedure that can provide you with years of looking rejuvenated, younger, and better rested. Reach out to the expert team at Faces PLLC at 601-607-3033 to book your consultation, or fill out our online form, and discover how they can help you look your best in the years to come.