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3 Non-Surgical Ways to Rejuvenate the Face

When you want to look and feel younger, but you’re not ready to commit to the cost or expected recovery time of an invasive surgery (facelift, eyelid lift, rhinoplasty, etc.), the cosmetic medical field is producing highly effective non-surgical ways to help. 

Fine lines, wrinkles, volume loss, and texture can be caused by a host of things, including genetics, gravity, and age. While the most long term solutions are typically found through surgery, there are ways to smooth away those lines and restore that volume without the cost and invasiveness of surgery.

Skin Care

First and foremost, great skin, no matter where on the body, starts with a commitment to a well-planned skincare regimen. Routine skin care by trained, experienced aestheticians is invaluable in producing, improving, and monitoring the skin. Because let’s face it— beautiful, healthy skin creates a more youthful look. A comprehensive skincare regimen that includes professional-grade products and treatments (like Diamond Glow, chemical peels, and photofacials) can minimize sun damage, soften lines, reduce acne, rehydrate dry skin, brighten dull complexions, and rejuvenate aging skin. At Faces, our Medical Aestheticians are passionate about skin care and trained to assist you in achieving a beautiful, more youthful complexion.


BOTOX® and Dysport® cosmetic facial injections offer a safe and effective way to target areas of the face to create natural, youthful looks. Both of these neuromodulators work by targeting the muscles responsible for many of the fine lines and wrinkles that spread across your face as you age. BOTOX® and Dysport® injections block signals that cause expression muscles to contract in the face. When the muscles temporarily cease contracting, it smooths out wrinkles and lines to help the face appear softer and less aged. Similar to skin care, a regularly planned schedule of injectables will help maintain a more youthful appearance.

Dermal Fillers

Over the years, the face will naturally lose volume as college production and skin elasticity decline. The face is often the center of nearly all forms of human communication. An aged, tired appearance can affect first impressions, even in a time where face masks and video chats are a requirement. Dermal filler injections are a powerful, safe, and effective way to reverse the effects of time by restoring moisture and volume to your face. Dermal fillers are composed of three basic components that naturally occur in your skin: biosynthetic polymer, collagen, and hyaluronic acid. With these three components, dermal fillers help sculpt and shape areas of the face that have lost significant volume while still producing beautiful, natural results that can last up to a year. Faces offers the latest lines of dermal fillers, including Jevederm, Restylane® and the new RHA Collection.

Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation at Faces, in the Jackson, Mississippi area

Double board-certified facial plastic surgeon, J Randall Jordan, MD, our nurse injectors and the skincare specialists at Faces are a dedicated team with expertise in facial rejuvenation. If you are interested in non-invasive options to improve the overall appearance and restore a more youthful look to your skin, contact the experts at Faces, PLLC here or call (601) 607-3033