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Is Your Face Wedding Ready? Timing BOTOX®, Peels, and More for the Big Day

One of the most important days of your life – your wedding day – can also be one of the most stressful occasions for which you’ll ever prepare.

From choosing the venue, catering, seating arrangements, and dress code, you also need to think about looking your absolute best on your big day. 

Here, Faces PLLC wants to help take some of the stress out of your wedding preparation by giving you the following advice on the best cosmetic treatments to consider as a bride-to-be and suggesting a timeline in which they can be performed.

Types of Aesthetic Procedures

Depending on what you want to look like on your big day, you can consider either cosmetic surgeries or non-surgical treatments

Some patients find that setting a wedding date is the perfect motivation they need to nudge them towards a cosmetic surgery that they have always been considering, but not quite ready to get done. For others, a wedding simply requires some last-minute touch-ups, or cosmetic treatments, to give their faces that extra shine as they unify their lives with their significant other. 

The timing of each procedure will depend on how invasive (or non-invasive) the treatment is. 

Cosmetic Surgeries

Facial surgeries, such as a facelift, rhinoplasty, facial implants or an eyelid lift (blepharoplasty), should be considered at least six months, and ideally a year, before your wedding date. 

Most patients will heal fully within four months of facial surgeries. However, giving yourself as much time as possible for the results to fully reveal themselves gives brides the best chance at looking exactly how they dreamed they would on their wedding day.


A facelift is amongst the most popular cosmetic procedures in the U.S., with over 120,000 performed last year alone. 

The benefits of a facelift include removing excess skin and restoring a smooth, youthful contour to the face, which promotes confidence and exudes beauty. 

Many people falsely believe that a facelift is only for people past their mid-forties. In fact, there have been thousands of patients in their thirties who look like they are in their twenties again with a facelift, and others have entirely eliminated the encroaching signs of a double chin with advanced technology such as Acculift

Because it is a significant and transformative operation, a facelift generally takes three months to heal and fully reveal your final results. If you are considering a facelift, we suggest that you should get the procedure performed at least six months prior to help you look your best on your wedding day. This ensures that you have more than enough time to heal fully and that you have adequate time for fillers or botox for finishing touches.


A nose job, or rhinoplasty, is currently the third most popular cosmetic surgery in the U.S., with almost 220,000 procedures performed last year alone. 

As the center of the face, the nose is responsible for balancing and unifying our facial features. Many brides-to-be finally get the look that they have always wanted with rhinoplasty surgery. 

Fully recovering from rhinoplasty takes around ten to twelve months. This gives the bones and cartilage of the nose a proper chance to set and find their final positions, revealing the final results of the operation. 

When performed by an expert plastic surgeon, rhinoplasty comes with very few risks, but to ere on the side of safety, we recommend getting the procedure at least six months before your wedding day so that you can be sure you’ll look exactly the way you’ve always dreamed.

Facial Implants

Many brides are concerned with a loss of volume and plumpness in their face. Facial implants, such as cheek or chin implants, can give renewed structure and enhance parts of the face that lack their original shape and volume. 

Healing from implants takes significantly less time than a facelift or rhinoplasty, with patients usually being fully recovered in under a month, and the best results are revealed after two to three months. For this reason, if you are considering facial implants as a pre-wedding procedure, we recommend getting the treatment done at least three months before the big day.

Eyelid Surgery

As the windows through which your significant other will gaze into and declare their undying love for you, brides want their eyes to be stunning, flawless facial features on their wedding day. 

Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, eliminates any puffiness or sagging skin under the eyes and can remove excess skin above the eyes.

Most patients see their final results and are fully healed from eyelid surgery within fourteen days, but we suggest getting the procedure a minimum of three months before your wedding day.

Cosmetic Treatments

For many brides, the thought of cosmetic surgery is either daunting or means taking risks leading up to their big day. In such cases, there are a variety of minimally-invasive, non-surgical treatments available to make the bride feel more radiant for her big event. 

These procedures involve far less, if any, downtime, and results are seen in relatively short periods of time. Moreover, these treatments can be done closer to the date and used as backups if you find you are feeling unprepared for your wedding day.


The most well-known and utilized cosmetic procedure, BOTOX® has been helping brides look their best for over three decades. 

With a visit that takes as little as ten minutes, cosmetic surgeons can expertly introduce BOTOX® to some regions of the face to eliminate wrinkling, smooth out the skin, and restore a youthful, vibrant appearance with minimal downtime. This can make you feel totally ready and refreshed for your wedding day. 

BOTOX® is predominantly useful when wrinkles are formed due to muscular contractions, particularly crow’s feet surrounding the eyes, frown lines between the eyes and on the forehead. Working to temporarily paralyze the muscles that cause your wrinkles, the final effects of BOTOX® are fully apparent within three weeks.


Just like BOTOX®, Dysport® is a neuromodulator that is used to treat dynamic wrinkles. Dysport® has a slightly smaller molecular size than BOTOX®, and as such has a larger dispersal area from the injection site, which makes it highly useful in addressing moderate to severe glabella lines for brides-to-be. 

Downtime for this procedure is minimal, and full results reveal themselves within a month. As such, we recommend getting Dysport® injections at least two months before your wedding to ensure the best results.


Fillers are useful in treating wrinkles that are static in nature – caused not by muscular contractions, but by the skins’ loss of collagen and structural integrity. 

Fillers work by adding volume to the injection site and stretching the skin over a slightly larger surface area which eliminates the wrinkles. 

Future brides who are concerned with marionette lines, smokers’ lines, cheek depressions, and even pitted scarring can find solace in treatment with fillers. 

Yet another benefit of fillers is to provide brides with a set of the highly-coveted, voluptuous trout-pout lips. By injecting fillers into thin or depressed lips, perhaps a month before the wedding date, a bride-to-be can obtain a set of sexy, full lips, perfect for the final act – ‘you may now kiss the bride.’

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL Therapy) 

For many brides, an uneven complexion or skin discoloration causes some stress when planning the wedding day. With IPL therapy, skin blemishes such as sun damage, age spots, freckles, burst blood vessels, and unwanted facial hair can be eliminated, and makeup can be used to accentuate, not hide, the skin of the face.

Chemical Peel

Another option available to brides looking for a solution to uneven skin tone and sun-damaged skin is chemical peeling

Chemical peels can treat varying depths of skin blemishes with superficial, medium, or deep peels. According to the requirements of the bride, the strength of the peel determines the amount of time the face will need to recover from the procedure. As such, when considering a chemical peel, it is essential to get expert advice well before your wedding date so that you can ensure any swelling or redness associated with the procedure will subside before the wedding date. 

One thing to bear in mind with chemical peels is that the patients need to stay out of the sun during the recovery process and should not wear any makeup while the skin heals from the procedure.

Timeline for Treatments

As you can see, there are many options available to soon-to-be-brides who are considering enhancing their looks for their wedding day. 

As we have here discussed, there are two categories available – surgical treatments and non-surgical treatments. While these categories are by no means mutually exclusive, if you are planning on multiple treatments to achieve the aesthetic of your dreams for your wedding day, you need to consider the calendar and order in which you will get the procedures done. 

Start big first and then get smaller – this is our blanket advice. If you are considering any surgical treatments, such as the facelift, eyelid surgery, or nose job, it is ideal to get those treatments done at least a year before your wedding day. Once your face has healed sufficiently, and the final results are apparent from the surgical procedures, then you can begin to plan when to get the cosmetic treatments like BOTOX®, fillers, IPL and chemical peels. 

This gives your facial features the chance to properly settle, and then you and your plastic surgeon can determine the procedures that will yield the best possible results for your wedding day.

Bridal Treatments in Jackson, MS

If you are considering cosmetic treatments to enhance your confidence, beauty, and impression on your wedding day guests, do not hesitate to reach out to the expert team at Faces PLLC in Jackson, MS, as soon as possible to get a personal consultation and a bespoke cosmetic treatment plan that will have you looking your best for your dream-day. You can contact us at 601 607 3033 or fill out our online form – we look forward to hearing from you!