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How to Establish a Healthy Evening Skincare Routine

You arrive home after a long day (or night), and the last thing you want to do is a complicated skincare regimen routine. Trust us; we’ve been there. Whether you’re on vacation and have lots of leisure time, or you’re in the throes of a hectic week balancing work, family, and friends, no one wants the hassle of a complicated skincare regimen.

Here are some basic steps recommended by the aestheticians at Faces, PLLC in Ridgeland, MS, that will keep your skincare routine on track no matter what your day, or your night, has in store.

A Medical Aesthetician can guide you regarding a skincare routine tailored to your specific needs, but in general, it should consist of the following steps:

  1. Always wash your hands thoroughly before cleansing your face or brushing your teeth. This goes without saying, but we’re saying it anyway.
  2. Cleanse your face and neck with a quality cleanser recommended for your specific skin type. This cleanse should remove your makeup and the day’s debris, and there shouldn’t be a need for makeup remover, as they often contain harsh ingredients that irritate the skin and can be drying to its PH level. If you still feel you have makeup residue after you cleanse and rinse thoroughly, grant yourself a second cleanse and perhaps concentrate on a more thorough first cleanse next time.
  3. Pat your face dry with a clean towel and apply your nighttime serums and/or products, as recommended by your aesthetician. Nighttime is when your skin is in “repair mode,” so a retinol and/or glycolic acid is a common recommendation.
  4. Depending upon your skin’s specific needs, a nighttime repair cream may be suitable. However, keep in mind that using moisturizers and other ‘night creams’ may impede the benefits of clinically-dispensed retinols and other treatments, so be sure to check with your aesthetician before adding products, and also to get the 411 on the correct order of product application.

No one has time for a complicated regimen or the money to waste on products that aren’t effective. Keeping it simple is the name of the skincare game, and your Faces’ aesthetician is ready to help you develop a skincare routine tailored to your skin’s specific needs and to get you that unmistakable “healthy skin glow.”

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