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What Is The Difference Between A Light, Medium and Deep Chemical Peel?

Have you ever considered a chemical peel? Perhaps your best friend, co-worker, or favorite influencer has raved about them and how they transformed their skin, and you’re wondering if it would work for you too. Chemical peels work by mimicking the skin’s natural exfoliating process by breaking down the bonds between the skin cells on… Read More »

The A, B, C’s of Chemical Peels with the Skin Care Specialist in Ridgeland, Mississippi

Chemical peeling is a well-established method of improving skin health and appearance. Because of the enormous success of the technique, however, some misconceptions have arisen surrounding chemical peel best practices.  In this blog, the skincare professionals at Faces PLLC help peel back the curtain on any misunderstandings associated with chemical peeling in this comprehensive guide… Read More »