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5 ‘Must-Have’ Holiday Treatments


For many, the holiday season consists of endless get-togethers, shopping, photos, and outdoor winter activities. It can be a joyous and exciting time of the year, but if we’re being honest, it can also be a tiring time of the year—especially for our skin.

When we’re constantly on the go and thinking of others, it can be easy to neglect the smaller things, such as our skin! Here at Faces, PLLC in Jackson, MS, we want to remind you not to leave your aesthetic radiance behind this holiday season.

Our team of expert skincare specialists strongly believes that part of feeling good on the inside comes from looking your best on the outside. A healthy, radiant, rejuvenated complexion will help you shine bright at your holiday get-togethers, even if you secretly crave a nap.

Here are 5 ‘must-have’ treatments recommended to keep you glowing this holiday season and throughout the winter months.

1. Diamond Glow Treatment

Previously known as Dermalinfusion, this treatment is the latest addition to our skincare services and has quickly become a patient favorite go-to facial for an instant glow. The innovative technology behind the Diamond Glow is a process that nourishes the skin and promotes the regeneration of new cells while eliminating any dirt or residue that may be clogging the pores or sticking to the skin. Even after one treatment, your skin looks brighter, fresher, healthier, smoother and has a more even skin tone. It even has the word “glow” in its name, so you know it’s got to be good!

2. OxyGeneo Super Facial

Perhaps not as well known as the Diamond Glow, the OxyGeneo Super Facial is equally as effective in revealing a glowing complexion. Our aestheticians affectionately describe the OxyGeneo Super Facial as our “Event Facial” as you are party-ready in an instant.  A more even skin tone, healthier, firmer skin, tighter pores, a vibrant complexion and a more youthful glow are what you can expect following an OxyGeneo Facial. The magic happens in the second stage of this three-part process when tiny carbon dioxide (CO2) bubbles applied to the skin burst, creating a physiological reaction that drives oxygen-rich blood to the surface of the skin. The results are beautiful.

3. Chemical Peel

Chemical Peels are a wonderful way to achieve glowing skin before a holiday party or reunion with family and friends. The timing of a chemical peel is critical however and needs to be taken into consideration when scheduling before an event. A chemical peel as performed by the medical aestheticians at Faces utilizes specialized blends of alpha and beta hydroxy acids (AHAs and BHAs) to improve superficial imperfections. They offer a wide range of benefits including smoother, softer skin, a brighter complexion, more even skin tone and smaller appearing pores. You’ll love the way your skin looks and feels with this treatment.

4. Dermaplane

Dermaplane is a manual, non-invasive resurfacing technique that removes the superficial layers of the skin and the vellos hair​, commonly known as “peach fuzz”. Dermaplaning lessens​ the appearance of fine lines and ​improves uneven skin tone for an instant boost to your complexion. Perfect for patients short on time, it could be considered a “mini-facial”. Although dermaplaning is included in all the skincare services at Faces, it can be scheduled as a standalone treatment.

5. DYI

The holidays can easily overwhelm even those with good intentions. Sometimes making that all important appointment for self-care just doesn’t happen. No worries! The skincare specialists at Faces have a few instant-glow tips to help you look your best while mixing and mingling at a holiday party. First, double up on your water intake the days leading up to a big event. Hydrated skin equals glowing healthy skin! If you haven’t exfoliated in a while it’s a good idea to use a mild one leading up to that special occasion. Follow an exfoliation with a good antioxidant and hydrating serum for a smooth canvas for makeup application. And lastly, go easy on inflammatories, such as fried foods, red meat and alcohol. This will reduce inflammation in the skin for a more refreshed look.

For more information on any of the treatments mentioned in this holiday ‘must-have’ list, please call our office at (601) 607-3033 or contact us through our website to schedule your appointment today.