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Is There Anything You Can Do to Make Fillers Last Longer?

While injectable dermal fillers provide stunning aesthetic results – giving contour, volume, and radiance to your face in a matter of days – it can sometimes feel like their benefits don’t last long enough. While it is true that fillers are non-permanent, and will break down over time, there are several things you can do… Read More »

Do Lip Fillers Permanently Stretch Your Lips?

Lip fillers – made massively popular by reality star Kylie Jenner, among others – are now one of the most popular non-surgical plastic surgery procedures in the U.S. By creating full, sensual lips that demand attention, lip fillers are often the first step in a complete, progressive approach to facial rejuvenation. As with any viral… Read More »

Esthetician vs. Aesthetician: Who Will You Need After the Pandemic? 

Today you can get a facial in a variety of places, from nail salons, day spas, hotels, cruise ships and medical practices. Is a facial at any one of these places the same? Not necessarily. Faces in Ridgeland, MS is a full service facial cosmetic surgery and skin care clinic that offers a number of… Read More »

How Facelifts Have Improved Through the Years

The way we present ourselves to the world has been a crucial concern for people throughout all stages of human evolution. Accordingly, improving the way we look, and the methods used to enhance our appearance have developed significantly over the years. While all plastic surgery techniques have improved over the past century, one procedure that… Read More »

Why Winter is the Best Time for IPL Therapy

Intense pulsed light, or IPL therapy, is a highly effective treatment for aesthetic and therapeutic concerns regarding aging and discoloration of the skin. IPL therapy can be used for removing hair, eliminating skin pigmentation, broken blood vessels, minor scars, reducing sun damage, and alleviating skin diseases. Over time, and constant exposure to the sun, our… Read More »

10 Issues the IPL Photofacial Can Resolve and Why it’s a Good Time of Year to Have One

IPL therapy has been around for more than 20 years and has proven its effectiveness in treating a wide range of cosmetic issues, from sun-damaged skin to acne to rosacea — and much more. But we continue to be surprised by how many people are unaware of this amazing technology and all of its uses…. Read More »

The A, B, C’s of Chemical Peels with the Skin Care Specialist in Ridgeland, Mississippi

Chemical peeling is a well-established method of improving skin health and appearance. Because of the enormous success of the technique, however, some misconceptions have arisen surrounding chemical peel best practices.  In this blog, the skincare professionals at Faces PLLC help peel back the curtain on any misunderstandings associated with chemical peeling in this comprehensive guide… Read More »

How to Treat a Torn Earlobe at Home (And What To Do Afterwards!)

Experiencing a torn earlobe can be painful and stressful, especially if your earlobe is injured suddenly by a pulled earring, but this condition is highly treatable.  Knowing how to care for your earlobe during an emergency can preserve both its form and function, while minimizing discomfort. With the right care, you’ll probably make a full… Read More »

4 Ways the HydraFacial Can Improve Symptoms of Acne

Though we associate acne with oily adolescent skin, adults of all ages and skin types are increasingly experiencing this frustrating and often chronic skin condition. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, adult acne now affects over 50% of women between the ages of 20-29 and over 25% of premenopausal women between the ages of… Read More »

5 Celebrity Skin Care Secrets to Get that Glow at Home

Celebrities are defined by their unique beauty and individual talents, but most of them have one thing in common. Even under the glare of unforgiving lights, their skin looks fabulous, often ageless. What’s their secret?  Hint: It isn’t necessarily good genes. While some skin problems are inherited, only about 30 percent of aging is determined… Read More »