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26th State-of-the-art in facial aesthetics

The Foundation for Facial Aesthetic Surgery: 26th State of the Art in Facial Aesthetics Meeting

Becoming a Facial Plastic Surgeon means committing to a path of lifelong learning. The field of facial plastic surgery is constantly evolving as new technologies emerge and new techniques are developed. To stay abreast of these changes and deliver the best possible patient care, facial plastic surgeons have established a collaborative community where expertise is… Read More »

AccuLift: Slims and Tightens without Surgery, Scalpels, or Scars

Looking for results of a facelift but want to avoid surgery? With a noninvasive procedure such as AccuLift, you can reduce your double chin, turkey neck, sagging skin, and deep folds. Learn more in our infographic below! Schedule a consultation or call us today for more information!

The Top 4 Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatments for Spring

Nothing can compare to the feeling of stepping out into the sunlight after enduring a long, dark winter. Unfortunately, this bright light can also reveal fresh flaws and highlight the effects of winter skin damage. If you feel like it’s time to freshen up your look, these non-surgical treatments can help you put your best… Read More »

What is Preventive BOTOX® and is it Worth it?

What is Preventive BOTOX® and Is it Worth it? For years, we’ve known that BOTOX® is one of the best ways to treat dynamic wrinkles—the deep creases that form around our eyes and mouth when we smile, laugh, or frown. Unfortunately, the signs of aging aren’t limited to dynamic lines; over time, we also inevitably… Read More »


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